June 21, 2011

summer wishes

 summer wishes...

about a month ago trying to fall asleep
i started thinking about summer wishes for the girls and I
{not excluding Bobby...but you all know he travels a lot by now}
so it's just mainly us

I started thinking...and dreaming

what i wanted out of summer
what would be good for the girls
what would be good for our family

and i came up with a few summer wishes...

summer wish #1

traveling more...
we all love to travel and since we are all going in all different directions
with different schedules
it has been on my heart to travel together

i was hoping for a trip for Bobby and I...just us
as well as a trip with all four of us

we hardly have much family time together with him home only a day and a half a week
and we all need some fun time together
time to relax and just go with the flow
our schedules are so jam packed each week
that we all need to take time away
where we don't have to plan
and can just wake up and figure it out each day for a week

ironically this summer wish is coming true
next post i'll tell you about the road trip Bobby and I took together
{it was absolutely the most relaxing trip we've had}

next month
with Bobby's rewards of traveling
the girls and i are going to tag along with him for a little over a week
to Cali
{we've never been to Cali so we are super excited about that}
and this project he is working on is so close to the beach
and you know our fondness for the beach
so we are super excited

and with what i do
i earned a trip to Atlantis in August
I still am in disbelief about how this all fell right into place
traveling more with my family has been on my heart for so long
and i'm so excited to have made it happen this summer

summer wish #2 

to continue to enjoy the small moments with the girls

right now...they are putting on a fashion show for me
in my high heels

 Madison just lined up my shoes for me because
she said and I quote
"your closet was a mess mama"

geez I have a hard time staying organized lately
I used to be organized
but now I call myself an organized disorganized person right now

and it is 9:30 in the evening and yes the girls are still up
i'm a morning girl so if they sleep in a bit later in the morning
happy dance for me
because that means an extra glass of coffee and more stuff I can get done before they wake up

small moment for the day
some of our blueberries are ripe
and the girls looooved being able to pick them
right from our yard

summer wish #3

to take deep breathes
many of them when i need them

summer wish #4

when I'm not working
to have a lot of fun with my family and friends
endless days at the pool

summer wish #5

to finally organize and clean out our closets
they are driving me crazy

summer wish #6

to find days where i use and cook with every single one of my herbs in one day
i swear it's the little things with me

i was doing a happy dance one evening when i realized
all in one day

i used my chives, parsley, cilantro, oregano, basil, and thyme
all fresh right off my front porch
{not all in one meal mind you}
but it was fun
and the roasted cauliflower with thyme on it was fabulous by the way

summer wish #7

to enjoy lunches a couple times during the month with friends
 it is an absolute necessity especially when I'm so blessed with the friends that I have

they are a treasure to me

lunches with my mom
we don't get to do much fun things together since my parents are always helping watch the girls when i have work
so it would be nice to enjoy lunch and dinner with them more often

summer wish #8

going to see the kids movies with the girls that come out this summer
we all love going to the movies and just don't do it enough

summer wish #9

being able to give all that I can with work and those i'm training right now
there is nothing that makes you feel better than to help others meet their goals
and become successful themselves


I'm certainly ready for a great summer
and to make a conscious effort to making all my summer wishes become reality

and thank you again for all your input with the photos from last post...
I am definitely going to be using your suggestions and top picks for my next order for business cards


Marsha said...

I hope you find the time to get ALL your Summer Wishes completed!
You have a beautiful family and your babies are lucky to have such wonderful parents!


Jacki said...

I pray all your wishes are fulfilled for you this summer. They are all so good! I think getting to travel and be with your husband seems will be a fun one. Keep us posted on how all things go for you all.

Shannon said...

Great Summer wishes and how exciting about the traveling you get to do! I'm sure Atlantis is going to be amazing and I hope our weather here in California is perfect when you come :)
Happy Summer Martha!

LuLu & Co. said...

Your summer list sounds wonderful!!!! Darling pictures and I'm also soooooo ready to savor, soak up all it has to offer.
Enjoy my friend,

Tish said...

good to read your voice again :)♥

depending on where you are in cali i would LOVE to meet up with you guys if you have any down time. :)

Sheri said...

I LOVE your summer wishes. Awesome post. You have a very beautiful family. Happy 4th of July.

Erica said...

Your summer list is fantastic!

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ketiebrown said...
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janeeydavis said...
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