April 4, 2010

pretty little house...

when you see a pretty little house with a barn
any day immediately becomes a perfect day to take some pictures...

especially little girls in their Easter dresses
I ended up taking around 100 pictures in 30 minutes...
{right before Saturday service}
so for the fact I am only showing about 30 of them is a pretty big downsize...

I love Easter...
maybe because of the girls in their pretty dresses

because they have fun getting dressed up and then playing outside in the dirt

in their dresses

because their Mama takes them to get their pictures pretty soon after it rains

so there is mud


worms to occupy them as I snap away

they had a blast
you can't tell but their stains were all over their dresses
before church even started

but I always say "clothes are meant to be worn and have fun in"
not meant to just always look pretty

wear them and be yourself...
and for my girls...it is picking flowers and playing in the dirt

I guess they get that from me since I pick weeds in my flower beds as I'm walking in or out of the house because I can't stand to just leave them you know...
{it doesn't matter what I wear I do it anyway ~ which makes Bobby laugh}

we had so much fun and everyone was willing to take pictures

even Daddy...

and Hayley

but I love Easter for the more important reason too...what it stands for

I love that we are all His children that He chose

every single one of us

I love the celebration

I love the praise we give Him at church

and I love knowing and being thankful for His sacrifice for us

the colors of Easter

are so happy and friendly

the colors give you a peak into summer...

I love the egg hunts the kids get so excited for

and making breakfast for my family

and I love that it's a relaxing day no matter what

I love that we always have a BBQ with family
and since my parents live right here in town~ it's celebrated with them
and they get so excited to get their Easter dresses for them every year
conversation is fun and relaxing...just the way it should be

Easter is always a beautiful celebration

of the gift we all have been given

but also the gifts we can give to others

Happy Easter from this little pretty house we found

and all the love, laughs, and smiles we had taking these pictures

{the picture of Bobby and I was taken by sweet Madison ~ she was so proud of herself}


Suzann said...

What lovely photos.

Happy Easter!

Amanda Bruss said...

Oh MARTHA!!!! What BEAUTIFUL pictures!!!! AND I absolutely LOOOVVVEEEE the Dresses!!!! What a Wonderful day!!!!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Perfect! And I just noticed at the very end that their dresses have the reverse colorblocks on the back side. Brilliant! Happy Easter.

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

Beautiful pictures and family! The dresses are so springy and pretty. Thanks for sharing them with us.
Happy Easter.

Laurie said...

What a BEAUTIFUL family- inside and out! Happy Easter, my friend!

Fruitful Harvest said...

So sweet~
I love the dresses~
I have (4boys) then 2 girls...the girls are 2 1/2 yrs and almost 5 (in May).
Its is so fun to take pictures of them in there Easter dresses...and hard to deciced which photos to post...LOL they are ALL so cute its hard. So the only answer it to post them all. sigh~~~~~

Oh I love the old country porch you used for the back drop!


Angela Harris said...

You're family could not be more beautiful~! Everyone looked so lovely...Happy Easter!!

Karena said...

Adorable! Happy Easter. The girls are darling.

Art by Karena

mimi charmante said...


Could they be any cuter???
Thanks for sharing your sweet girls~

LuLu said...

Ahhhhhhh Your pictures are so so cutE!!! Love all the darling dresses :) Looks like you had a perfect Easter weekend :)

*The Beautiful Life* said...

This post is soooo lovely. Your family should win some kind of award -- most beautiful family, sweetest family, happiest family, all-American family.... I don't know, but you guys rock. :)

Great pics, too!

Beautiful words about Easter, too.

Thanks so much for sharing this post!


koralee said...

What an adorable post!!!!!!! Your girls are so sweet and those dresses...me oh my where in the world did you find them. I always dressed my 3 girls in the same outfits until my older one said that was enough!! What a lovely family you all make...hugs to you for a wonderful week. xoxoxo

Cindy said...

So happy to have stumbled into your blog!
What a beautiful family you have!
Love the Easter dresses and LOVE that barn!
What a great place for photos.
Enjoy the day!

Anonymous said...

Your whole family is just so sweet, and those two little girls, watch out they are just somthing else in those darling dresses playing in the mud ( I love that!)...glad you had so much fun and that house looks like a goodie!!

the wild raspberry said...

such sweet little girlies...
your pictures are great and the backdrop is perfect.

i like your dress too!


Jacki said...

Hi there! I remember you from Kasey's sale last year at her home! I was one of the women helping ring sales! Anyway, good to find you here and see your family and all your really pretty photos and ideas. It will be nice to know more of you here. Thanks for tagging along on mine too as I saw you are there as well.
your girls look like mini-you's. precious to have daughters, yes!

Seizing My Day said...

Your girls look so beautiful!!
Amazing house to capture Fabulous family photos!! I would have done the same thing!! Memories in the making! Such a wonderful opportunity!

Beki - TheRustedChain said...

Those are so sweet, Martha!

What a fun spot for pictures.

And your beautiful girls look gorgeous in their little dresses.

Shannon said...

I love these pictures they are so cute and the girls look beautiful in their dresses. Great job to Madison on taking such a good picture of Mommy & Daddy :)

Jenny said...

What an absolutely lovely post and setting. Is this an abandoned house? How cool! I love places like this. You can feel the history and the love and the passing of time in each neglected board.

You should do childs photography.

You are very good at it!