April 22, 2010

love affair number one

one of my long-time love affairs has been since this movie...

Sweet Home Alabama

not necessarily the movie...well I do love the movie quite a bit too....
but something I found I love just as much

one of my very favorite parts was when she was in his shoppe

and saw the
"deep southern glass"

or at the carnival when she first asked about who made it...

I think the movie actually coined it deep southern glass
but it is really hand-blown glass
Simon Pearce actually made the "deep southern glass" in the movie

but I'm going to call it "deep southern glass"
just simply because it sounds better to me:)

My love affair comes down to this


sound silly
not to me....I just love, love to notice and look at new glassware

it's not something I need at the moment because there are other things to do first
but I always love to look at what's out there

we have these recycled green highball glasses that we got for our wedding I just love

and now Pier One has a pitcher to go with them
how funny is that!
but I love the thickness and uniqueness to every single piece

I was looking for some new glassware inspiration because my thick green glasses are starting to break/crack piece by piece over the years...

here are some of my favorites...

I always love the slenderness of these juice glasses
and of course the color
blues are my favorite
maybe I need to venture out and do a different color...
but do you know that the only "color" I have in my home is blue
and I do have a lot of blue...just different shades
well I take that back the girls have a ton of pink!
the rest is well...you know neutral, white, etc.

I'm kind of all over the place with my glassware inspiration but I couldn't help notice these chalk it stemless glasses from Pier One

how fun are those?
and they even have a carafe with it too...

patterns in white are just beautiful to me...
and of course these matching goblets too...oh my...so pretty
the price of those by the piece would totally freak the hubby out
not to mention I don't think I would pay that right now...
so in any event...

some good selections from IKEA
why do I even look there when the nearest is over 5 hours away?
well anyway...

couldn't help but adore these mugs in blue
and I can see vintage silverware in these

I was looking for some fun glasses for the hubs...
these mugs with stems came about....
how cute are they?
I think they would be fantastic with flowers in them
of course....my little thing with polka-dots exists too...
and I found these
now they would be jumping up and down perfect if they were super narrow

now this picture...I didn't mean to upload it but
oh I'm ready to take the family to pick some peaches to make some peach pie...

last but not least...I found two places with some
deep southern {bubble} glass
oh how I fell in love
because they look exactly like my green
but clear beautiful white!!!
they may be the perfect ones...


Tish said...

if i would have known that i would have sent you my signature gift for your wedding. i too am in love with glassware...so i get folks champagne flutes from tiffany's ;)

makes me happy just thinking about it.

Shannon said...

Love Sweet Home Alabama and Blue! My house is all blues too, def. because it reminds me of the ocean :) Great glasses especially the Goblets so beautiful.

P.S. Thought of you at the Lady Antebellum concert, Kris Allen opened for them. He is so cute and a great singer, made me want to buy his CD!

Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

Oooh - I love those chunky white "cafe" glasses! Yum.

chasity said...

vintage juice glasses are the best i think....
so much fun to drink from.
like your picks~~

LuLu said...

i've been eyeing the white mugs without the handles... i love wrapping my hands around a mug!!! how do i make those into a need instead of a want :)

Suzann said...

I LOVE that movie!
I need glasses too. You've got some great finds here. Love those stemless glasses with the chalboard patch.

koralee said...

I do love glass as well! My those white tumblers are amazing!!!!! I want ...I want..is it bad to want???
I love visiting you my friend...thank you for all the blog love you leave me...I sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo appreciate it { sorry I got carried away with the o} Have a great weekend and make sure you enjoy your sweet ones. xo

Nancy said...

I love glassware.. it reminds me of the bridal registry that i ignorantly completed 13 years ago. I don't think any knowledge or thought went into it back then at 23 years old. Today... that would be another story, right? Sweet Home Alabama. Cute cute movie. I just love Reese's hair in it too. I'm a hair girl.. I can't help it.

Londen @ Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

I tagged you for the 6th photo blog game. If you want to play stop by. I love Sweet Home Alabama.