October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Today was a trip to Grandpa's who doesn't live far from us...he loves seeing the girls...and we have been gone so much in September and October during the weekends {home 3} that we haven't had a chance to visit in awhile...we missed him...so it was so good to see him...The girls dressed in their costumes and we were off for a visit...he LOVED it!
Madison's new thing...to cross her legs like Mommy...
Some pics of the girls...Madison is Pocahontas this year ~ our beautiful Indian princess...and Hayley a plum fairy (she wouldn't wear the headband...so a big bow just landed on her sweet head)
As I was trying to get a picture of Hayley which is next to impossible...she said "No" and climbed up on the railing and turned and said "Cheese"...obviously how she wanted her picture taken...hence last post...if you are wondering why in the world are recent photos of Hay on the railing...well because that is about all I get:)...
Now tomorrow we are off to a birthday party for our sweet friend's daughter's 1st birthday...trick or treating...and our annual macaroni and hotdog meal on Halloween! {Lets not forget tons and tons of candy...oh boy}


Tracey said...

Yep on Halloween it's not so much about the dinner, but more about the eat candy til your're sick!

Your girls are absolutely adorable Martha!!!

:) T

Julie said...

i am loving the costumes!