March 15, 2012


four is the number today...

my baby girl turns four today

...and she couldn't be more excited
she was so excited to show me four when taking pictures last Sunday afternoon

it really was the perfect day to take some pics of them outside
it has been awhile since I took a few pics of them and I think they forgot
that "mama goes overboard in how many she takes"
because I took a ton...
I mean a whole lot of pictures

but we had the best time
lots of laughter
silly dancing
a bit of craziness and stress at some points during the pictures when Hayley decided she was done
"done taking photos mom"

completely done she said:)
I don't blame her because I'm the first person to jet when people start taking photos

As I was going through the photos in the wee wee wee hours of the night
 I liked around 67 of them
yes 67
some were of just Madison too
which I'll save for her birthday
because how can you not take photos of both of your sweet girls


Hayley Elisabeth is four today
yes four
{I keep typing that I know...perhaps I'm in denial just a little bit
...thought you should know that}

 I feel a bit rusty at writing since it has been awhile
but I wanted to blog today
to celebrate Hayley

she is my sunshine
who has a true gift of humor and silliness that I just love

we dance silly all the time together
whether in stores
at home
or in the car
it's our fun thing we do together
to make one another laugh

Hayley loves to share her gift of making others laugh...especially with Madison and I
she makes us laugh all of the time
so when she is in trouble
she makes me laugh on purpose because she thinks I'll forget and let it slide
 and there it goes...I of course laugh and can't hold it in
completely not effective when you are trying to parent just letting you know
so when I have to get it together to talk to her
without laughing,
I start laughing all over again
and then its pointless and I'm not effective
she runs our house if you can't tell

on the way home from my grandparents a couple of weeks ago
she was so goofy and if you know Hayley this is a normal thing she says
and is so proud of the fact that she toots
yep I said it

 she started praying this prayer in the car on the way home probably 50 times
not kidding
so Madison's reaction was the best...after the 50th time

H: "Dear God...thank you and bless me for tooting because I'm a tooting machine"

so after about the 50th time in a row of her praying this prayer
M says: "Dear God...please have Hayley stop praying that!"
it was so cute
she calls herself the Queen of Tooting
and she even has a King of Tooting and his name is Parker
almost on a daily basis she reminds me of these titles that Parker and her have
{King and Queen of tooting}
I told her I'm going to remember this story when she starts dating 70 years from now
{yes they are not dating until they are 76 and 74}

 this week she's been saying..."and now I will be four just like Parker"
so you can see what is important in her world:)

what I loved most about that prayer...
she was just being her... silly, fun, and cute
but most of all a kid

Hayley brings so much sunshine and kindness to us
she always has a compliment and sweet things to say to Madison and I
I love her heart and all that comes with it

her favorite color is purple
although she loves yellow and red too:)
and as I brought cupcakes to her school yesterday
all of her friends asked imediately and without even thinking about it...
"are they all purple Hayley???!!!"
she said "yes, YES!!! they are"

Hayley is our sweet dragonfly
and we are blessed every day that we have her

she is fiesty
 most definitely independent

but she also has to be around people

she loves to go on a run with me and play outside
she loves her taekwondo class

Hayley is a summer and beach girl most definitely
with the brightest of blue eyes

She doesn't know a stranger as she talks to anyone she meets
especially the people that work at Trader Joe's
she was upset one day because she forgot to tell the checkout guy this last detail of what she was sharing with him and then goes..."what was his name mama? I forgot to tell him____" 
this was after being home 45 minutes she was still talking about it

my dad calls her NST
{non stop talker}
which is very much appropriate

she even told the dentist the other day she had 12 brothers and sisters
the hygenist immediately came out to verify with me
and I had a horrified look on my face when she asked me
that the hygentist laughed pretty hard at my reaction alone

she is so proud of her sister Madison
I couldn't ask them to be any closer...they are besties
everyday as we pick Madison up from school Hayley cannot wait to run up to Madison to give her a makes me smile

she is a lover of vanilla cake and vanilla ice cream
just like her mama
she loves my homemade macaroni with fancy cheeses
feta on her salad
 mahi mahi
{I think she likes to say mahi mahi more than anything}
and always is ready for dessert after dinner
{that's from her daddy}

I can't hardly wait until she wakes up this morning as I have her room filled with balloons above her bed {only like 10 but her room looks filled when they are all above her bed...
and yes they are purple}
four of the ballons have notes tied to them
about things we love about her

she has a new stuffed giraffe hanging by it's arms from her chandi
she loves giraffes and always her must see at zoos
her giraffe she got at the San Diego Zoo last year is named Gigi
so now she has one more to add to her collection of about 5 now

I can't wait to see her face light up when she sees all the balloons
because it has been so hard for me not to tell her what her surprises are
{I'm not great at holding surprises in and neither is Hayley}

Today is the day to make her feel so special
for all the specialness she brings to us

we are so blessed and thankful for  Hayley
she is our sweetheart and sunshine that is full of life
and today we are so happy to celebrate her

when I had the girls out taking pictures Sunday it started to rain just before we were done
and when I said I'm finally done taking pictures
this was their reaction:

I love you our dragonfly
Happy Fourth Birthday
Hayley Elisabeth

I always love you
I always believe in you
and I am always proud of you


Sixty-Fifth Avenue said...

such beautiful girls, and beautiful words! Happy Birthday to your dragonfly!

Tish said...

lol she's my little soul mate apparently...She had me at the tooting part :)

Happy birthday little one! xoxo

PURA VIDA said...

What a precious post and such sweet faces. Six is my most favorite age...but..mine are now 31,28 and 22, and I realized a while back I LOVE having adult children..more than six and that was ALOT. So you have so much to look forward to!

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