January 9, 2011


this week I've been very afraid at times
and really discovered the meaning of my inspiration words for 2011
words I literally just wrote about

"love and embrace"

image found here

it's been a long week
a week of uncertainties with health issues

and a week of seeing the heart and soul of our family in the hospital
Grandpa "M"

in all honesty it has just been plain hard

it's been a week of giving and needing
 great big "it's okay" kind of hugs

 Grandpa is doing better and better each day
{in different ways now}
and that's a relief

but in all honesty I'm a bit behind
on things...
and for one I probably won't backtrack with reading blogs
but I honestly couldn't be more grateful for the flexibility I have
with my life so I could be there so much
that part has been really great

this week I've felt...
a great big community with all our family coming together
as well as all my besties checking in with me throughout the week
and that is a tremendous amount of love I'm very, very thankful for

at the moment I'm sitting with another bestie
a glass of "Velvet Moon"
{we were just introduced this evening at Trader Joe's}

along with another fav
 no-brainer trash tele shows
that I plan on watching while I catch up on a few things tonight

what is not on the list
is telling anyone in my household
that I may have flushed a kinda-small toy down the potty
instead of taking the time to fish it out

the girls must have dropped it in there playing
since the bathroom always seems to be a communal area in our home
meaning "no privacy" while in the shower, getting ready, or anything

so I will admit I stood there and comtemplated that decision
for all of three seconds
and the final second
 I thought

"I'll give it a whirl, and I think it'll make it"
down the pipes and out to the wasteland

without causing a call to the plumber

this is all because I was too tired to figure out how to fish the darn plastic rock out

lets hope that was the right decision
because a call to the hubs that a plumber was called this week
may get me into some trouble
that I don't need or want right now

 just making it clear
that the small grey plastic rock
was not the toy I flushed
I *promise* promise*

that one gets blamed on "ribbit"
and that's all I'm sayin' about that

oh I'm in trouble:)
that was a really really really poor decision
I'm afraid
well...now I'm ready for a refreshed week ahead

btw...the flowers in the picture are yarn flowers
and I love that idea
they are just the "happy" and inspiration I need for the week


Kristin said...

hang in there dear girl...the uncertainty can be very draining...we just went through a touch and go with our wonderful great-grandpa over christmas...{doing better...thankfully}
{smiling} about the toy...knock on wood i don't have to make the same decision!! ;0)

big prairie XO,

Michael - Innkeeper said...

as they say.....

what doesn't kill us makes us stronger. hang in there!

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Praying for your family as you all go through the health trials with your Grandpa M.

Oh, and I would never, never, never flush an already stuck toy down the toilet. Ever.

Keeping my fingers crossed for you on that one.

Jacki said...

sorry to hear about your grandfather. hope things are better this week. it does strengthen families. so funny about the toy. oooops.

Shannon said...

Oh I am so sorry to hear about your Grandpa, I hope everything gets back to normal for him and you very soon!
Also hoping that little toy town the toilet didn't get you into trouble ;)

Lissa said...

I'm sorry about your grandpa. It can be so difficult when loved ones are sick.

good luck with the toilet. ;)

Tracey said...

Hello sweet Martha! So sorry to hear that your grandpa is sick.

As far as the toy goes, I would've done the same thing :) No fun fishing things out of the toilet!

Happy New Year...hope your grandpa gets better soon and that all of you have a healthy and happy 2011!

Hugs ~

:) T

koralee said...

Sending you extra love for your sweet grandma...praying all goes well. xoxoxoxox I love that image...I so want to make those flowers. xoxox

home sick in bed said...

big hugs to you martha....
you are strong.