January 12, 2011

fresh *powder*

bright and early Tuesday morning
2 am
 I was woken up to this little one

getting sick
and I'm just letting you know
I'm a pretty deep sleeper and very non-functional in the middle of the night

*thankfully* I always hear the girls

miracle how that happens...
but I don't think I'm "all there" when I hear them
so it's quite interesting when the kiddos get sick in the middle of the night
and I'm holding their hair
 rubbing their back
 whispering "it's okay"

I have no idea how this process happens or how it all gets cleaned up
because when it is all said and done
it seems like a whirlwind when we all wake up for the morning

and I think to myself...
"did all that really happen?"

and I have to check...

yep...it sure did

yesterday her bed linens were off the bed and done in the wash by 7 am...
and that was 4 loads of laundry because of all the blankets, her sleeping buddies, sheets
you name it

so bright and early yesterday morning
I was holding her hair and rubbing her back
and thinking how thankful I was to be with her
puke or not...

poor thing...
didn't even realize she got sick until she saw it

then she blamed it on Cadence
no joke...

she really did
 she apparently didn't remember it happening

a 3 am shower was in order...
{they always ask for a shower right away}

I don't blame them
I do the exact same

I got her "re-pajama-ed" up
{I know that's not a word}

I walked her into my bedroom
and I had her look outside our window with me

so I could show her
what it looked like outside

it was snowing sooo beautifully
there were no footprints in the *powder* yet
no tire tracks
just the streetlight shining on our home and onto the street

 for the moment...the snow looked so perfect and peaceful
 I was hoping to make her smile and relax before she laid back down

I know that telling her she would be one of the first ones to see the snow untouched
would make her smile

 it was by far one of my favorite moments thus far
looking out the window with her
...holding her hand
 and moving her hair behind her ear
just in time
so I could see that smile come across her face

it always seems on the first big snow of each year
she has the stomach flu

I knew it would be only the 1/2 day to 24 hour-thing
{as Hayley had the same thing exactly one week ago}

so I did what *this* mom
would do

to brighten both of their days

I bundled them up after lunch 
{and yes I did one last check to make sure she was doing somewhat better}
and took them outside for about 20 minutes so she could have a little fun
even if it was just 20 minutes
I didn't want her to miss out

we weren't out too long
but long enough for them to
fall in the *powder*
make a couple snow angels
get snow in the their boots/shoes
snow underneath their gloves
 and then they were ready to head back in

the snow was really pretty these past couple of days
which makes the cold more bearable in my world
I accept the cold a *little* bit better when there's snow
{just a little better}

I feel like I can still hear their laughs and giggles as I write this
at one point Hayley said

"Mama I'm sooo cold...I want to go inside..."
 the snow was everywhere
underneath her clothes
in her boots
under her gloves
and in between her shirt layers

so we headed in
 warm cocoa was in order
for these two girls

and we woke up today
to another snow day
and I really was wishing there'd be school today

even though yesterday was fun
I was looking forward to projects, errands, a long run today, and some organizing
*all uninterrupted*

 which thanks to my mom...
all four happened for a couple of hours...
as she watched the kiddos

it was so nice to get out and run in the snow
that is...
until someone plowed by me
going at least 40 in our neighborhood
spewing snow in my face

I didn't have the nicest response
and I often wonder...
what happened to runner's courtesy?
 {especially in neighborhoods}

hope you all are keepin' it warm today


Julie said...

oh my gosh, i hear ya about runner's courtesy. christmas morning i was running and some guy wouldn't let me cross the street ... on christmas morning of all days!

i hope miss madison is feeling better! i do miss snow and i love your description of seeing the know untouched and catching madison's smile. that little story made me smile.

Jenny Wood said...

Omgosh.... You are a wonderful mother. I love your blog. You capture memories so gracefully. Your girls are beautiful!!! Little Marthas :) Hope you all are doing well. Take care!!! hugs

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Poor thing..I hope she's feeling better now.

Andrea - Faded Plains said...

Poor thing..I hope she's feeling better now.

Jacki said...

how does someone run in the snow and cold? i am so baffled, you've got strong lungs!
i just started running again, after like 18 yrs. it hurts bad. any advice?