January 13, 2011


so I thought on Tuesday mid-morning I was out of the woods
with the kids being sick

that was a big mistake in thinking

it's now late Thursday evening
and I haven't stopped cleaning up puke
it's one after the other
and sometimes both at the same time
we've gone through all their pajamas in one day
many blankets
used bleach/ 70% alcohol to clean
over and over and over again
blankets are washed and cleaned
and again

we are surviving
you better believe it:)
and I'm really hoping
that I just cleaned up the last of the puke for the night
but i doubt it
and I'm hoping that the girls are not up all night again
{I hope none of you are eating as I type this}

me it doesn't really matter
I don't get grossed out too easily

that was one more time

I feel really bad for them
thank goodness I'm better at helping them
than getting sick myself
I don't do *sick* myself very well
I actually refuse to
so morning sickness with the girls was not fun for me

so typically I can sit and eat and watch a surgery on a medical show
Bobby completely gets irritated and bothered at me for that

I don't get queasy easily
I never have
I still wish the video from one of my knee reconstructions
was actually copied like they said they would copy it
when they mentioned the surgery was going to be taped
we asked for a copy
and I was so excited to see it
until I popped it in the VCR {15 years ago} and it was blank...

how did I get on this subject
I think I'm delirious
that's why
my mind is wondering
I can't stop laughing for some weird reason about all this going on
I really don't think you care about how I don't get queasy over watching surgeries
so I apologize for my rambling
I guess I'm just typing out loud
I wasn't even going to write but two sentences with this post

but can you tell
I need some interaction?
after being in the hospital for a week with my grandpa and family
to taking care of two pukey kiddos this week
and here I am
needing to get random thoughts out
before I go a little more nuts
and keep saying more of nothing...

so all that to this point...
of showing you snow day pictures
before all this happened

uggghhh... yep ~ I just about jumped out of my pants
because they moved their heads
before they leaned back again
I had the bucket in their lap
with Hayley telling me
{not this time}

this is pure madness
 I cannot stop laughing
{which is probably wrong}
and we are giving high fives for making it in the puke bucket
because that's a celebration to me

happy weekend everyone


Shannon said...

You poor girl!! Kayla was up every 30 mins. a few weekends ago throwing up and it was horrible. I can't even imagine having 2 doing it at the same time. I hope today is the last of it so you guys can get back to normal :)
P.S. Atleast you got all of those adorable snow pics...right?

Laurie said...

First of all, precious pictures of such beautiful girls. Is it just me, or do these things tend to happen more often when Daddy is gone? They sure do at our house! :) So, taking that into account, the girls will be totally fine by Friday evening! :) Hang in there, girlfriend! Oh, and just for the record, I cannot watch surgeries on TV. ICK!

Jacki said...

goodness, hang in there. it's great you don't get too queezy about the throwing up parts. i guess mom's don't have a choice. your girls are so little still, and i'm sure you just want them well. health is just around the corner, it is! these things never last too too long thankfully. keep your sense of humor up.

koralee said...

Oh dear...once my whole family was throwing up...all 5 of us at the same time! It was a nightmare...hang in there.

Your images are darling. xoxoxoxo