December 8, 2009

One More Day...{by hottie husband}

A few weeks back Martha said that she would like for me to do the 100th post on her blog. And I automatically thought "Oh Sh*#. I have no idea what I am going to do this on, and I am going to screw this entire blog up. But 3 give-a-ways may help in celebration of 100 posts.

{picture from French Larkspur}

Well anyway she said that I could write about anything that I wanted...

So it's MY turn. I'll give you some good stuff too.

Martha in a 4 minute nut shell. There is a reason that I picked this Brad Paisley song...She's Everything to Me. It makes me think of her everytime I hear it.

The simple things in life are what I love so much about her - from the way that she looks at me sometimes when she is trying to be silly or when she sings a certain song to me because she knows that it will make me smile. Or her gentle touch on my arm or back of my head or that soft kiss from her beautiful lips.

{Picture from Tara's Vintage Kitchen}

There are times that I just catch myself getting lost in watching her walk across the room or cooking dinner or taking care of our daughters that I think to myself that I am so happy and glad that I get to have this beautiful woman as my wife. I love to open my eyes and see that beautiful face right beside me.

...she's caring and giving

She also has to have her coffee in the mornings...if anyone wants to be safe that is.

She has the Martha we all like to call it...a glare where her eyes just say it all.

She's moody now and again just as the song says. She doesn't like it when I say that though.

{picture from French Larkspur}

Sometimes she lets things bother her way too much. But I do have to say that she has been working on it and doing a better job. (Which is not always an easy thing to do, and I am proud of her for doing so.)

...the best lover and one hell of a fighter...seriously. I put these two together because she loves with the same passion that she fights with. When I say fighter I am talking about times that she had to fight through - from sports injuries (which those of you that don't know...they were her life at one time) to also giving us a family.

{picture from French Larkspur}

And other times that you see the passion of the fighting like when we have ourselves a little tiff and it does not help that we are both very stubborn and never wrong...makes for a great argument.

...that smile of hers, when she lets it go, is one of the most beautiful sights in the world

...loves to have that nice calming glass of wine at night

...loves to watch those silly pointless shows late at night to help her pass time when I am gone. I'm sorry but they are ridiculously stupid shows.

The passion that my wife has is one of the reasons that I fell in love with her. She is so very passionate about what she does and what she believes in. Whether it is running, her work, her family, or spiritual life. She has brought so many good things into our lives through her work. Not only keeping me pretty healthy but making sure that our daughters are too.

{picture from Tara's Vintage Kitchen}

My spirituality is a whole another story from where I was to where I am now. She helped me take the next step forward in my spiritual journey...thank you honey.

While I am on the theme of thanking her for things she has done for me there were a few incidents in my life that I had a really tough and trying time (one in high school, one a couple years back, and one in the last year) and she was there with me and for me when I needed her. That is the kind of woman that you want to have by your side.

I myself am somewhat of a Martha's want it done RIGHT NOW does not agree with me at all. It is some of these anal and perfectionist tendencies that our girls are both picking up from her...some real trouble ahead I see.

...the one who gets so excited to see the flowers coming up in the Spring but also the one who can't wait to get the Christmas decorations out, put the tree up, and hang the lights on the house.

{picture from Tara's Vintage Kitchen}

...she loves to be covered with a ton of blankets...even when it is like 75 degrees in the house...not to mention a thousand pillows.

Martha is the best mother to our two beautiful daughters. It is so incredible to see the beauty of your wife come through your kids. And it is not just the beauty but some of what they do and say that makes me think of her. I am a proud husband and father when I see the way that my wife and daughters look at each other with so much love.

I will tell you one thing my wife is the best gift that God has and will ever give to me. To me being with my wife is a dream daily coming true and that is how it will be forever. When I am old and wrinkly she will be the one that I will be walking hand and hand with...most likely on a beach somewhere. At the end of each and every day the one thing that I ask for over and over again is that I am able to spend one more day with my wife and daughters.

 {it's me Martha now...the one who has tears in my eyes...and that is why he makes me swoon {he loves the good and the bad about me} and recently told me tonight that I am a pain in the you know what...but his pain in the you know what}...I wanted to ask him to do my 100 post because I am very happy and thankful that he allows me to write about...well...really anything I want and some things that are personal to just us too...I am so glad I can do that...100 posts...I cannot believe it because I have done quite the turn around with the blog from when I started.

I'd prefer he not talk about me...but we all write what is familiar, right?

Now details...details about the give-a-ways...

So you saw in the pictures right...thank you ladies for allowing me to show your beautiful pictures...I have linked their blog and shops below too...these are a few of my favorite shops and people...

One lovely person will win a beautiful package from Kasey herself from Lola B's Boutique...
are you jumping up and down? You should!

Another lovely person will win a $30 gift certificate to Tara at Tara's Vintage Kitchen ...YAH!

And yes one more...

A $30 gift certificate to Tracey at French Larkspur...YAH!

...Happy Shopping Ladies...and just in time for Christmas!

Requirements for the Give-A-Way...ends at midnight Thursday!

one. You must leave a comment...saying whatever you like! And if you commented on a post awhile ago where I mentioned I would enter you 3 extra times...I got you covered already.

two. If you so choose to include this give-a-way in your blog, fb, whatever...let me will be entered in again.

three. If you choose to become a follower...why yes I will enter you again...but you pressure...because I know that means you are signing your life away...just kidding...if you want to follow then go right ahead...if you are already a follower then you will be entered in again:)

four. For those of you who read blogs but don't have one...please still enter if you would like...just make sure you put your e-mail so I know who you are and have a way to contact you!

five. And Mr. Hottie Himself has requested you pay attention to the first 3 songs on my playlist...he changed my playlist...and wanted to make sure I pointed that know how they like their credit...


Lissa said...

such a romantic and sweet post.

Amanda Bruss said...

Awww,,,That was so sweet!!!! My eyes were watery!!

paige said...

oh goodness...that is the cutest post ever!
what a doll
i love his words about you & all the precious things he appreciates about you!
better hang on to that sweet boy martha!!

i think its a sign
the first image
that ampersand
was on 'my' christmas list
but think i need to wait until january
so i'm realllly crossing my fingers on that one!!!
great gifts too from both kasey & tara!

congrats on #100

oh & ps...i'm a follower on my google reader

dtsfan1976 said...

Bobby!!! I never knew that you had such a creative writting style. You did a great job and I think you have been transformed over the last few years...of course for the better. Keep strong and stay cool. Chris K.

Kristin said...

found you by way of kasey's blog....i can't believe what a great giveaway you are doing!! yes, that was me squealing that you heard all the way from utah!! ;0) i will be checking in with you often...and will be sure to blog about this wonderful giveaway!

Kristin said...

i'm officially a follower...yeah!!

Kasey said...

what an UBER fabulous post from hottie himself.
I am Thrilled that i know you in person and know how kind and wonderful you are.
you are the REAL deal and i love you to pieces.
I will tweet about this giveaway and link you again tomorrow when i post about the inspired evening.
Please do not enter me in the giveaway as i have many wonderful things from tracey already;-)
Congrats on 100 posts!
p.s. i love my wonderful gift from you;-)

tara said...

That was the sweetest post two really sound like you have a wonderful relationship..Happy 100th post to you and cheers to many many more Martha! xoxoxo

Suzann @ The Olive Cottage said...

So, I got a tweet from Kasey @ LolaB's and I thought, what the heck, I can visit. Now I'm sitting here blubbering. That was the single most beautiful amazing post I have ever read. WOW. So, now I'm following your blog, I'm sending others to visit too. As for the playlist - he done did good.

Julie said...

first - i could totally hear bobby say 'oh s**t' when you asked him to write the 100th post.

second - sounds like you have the same nickname adam gives me -- 'pain in the (arse)'...haha.

wonderful, wonderful post and wonderful, wonderful couple.

*The Beautiful Life* said...

Hey there! What a fabulous post! My hubby has threatened to commandeer my blog and do a post by himself... so far he hasn't... but... :)

The giveaway sounds awesome and if you will, I'd love to be entered!

Thanks so much!!! :)


LuLu said...

Oh my goodness that was so utterly touching!so personal,loving, charming! you have a fabulous husband and marriage, i'm just so happy for the both you!!!
Can i jump up and down for you post and the giveaways! OH what a fabulous treat from so many fabulous gals!!!!

The Carbajals said...

Your husband is the sweetest!!

Tish said...

it's amazing...i remember being there when bobby first started school with you and bobby just kind of fell together. it was the most natural union and i wasn't surprised at all to hear you two married years later.

fairy tales really do come true, huh?

Mrs. Dunbar said...

What a dear sweet husband you have. Changing my playlist is so something my husband would do. Sounds like you've got a good one.

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Oh, and I've signed up to follow your super sweet blog as well. Congratulations on 100 posts.

Jenny said...

1. Martha, you are truly blessed to have such an amazing man in your life who loves you so completely. It sounds like you have a true, lifelong partner in him.
2. I tweeted about it.
3. I'm a follower.

Thanks, Martha!

Simply Me Art said...

Are you kidding? Does he have a Brother? Wow.. Oh, Im married. What a Wonderful Tribute, you must be so touched and I can see you are very Loved. Congratulations on your 100th post that is Huge. I wish you many, many more. The shops and ladies you chose are wonderful and inspirational too. xo Jamie

Kathy said...

Congratulations on reaching the 100 posting mark. And Your 100th post is absolutely beautiful. Oh my. I feel warm just reading about the beautiful love you share.

Please enter me in your giveaway.

Katie said...

That was such a cute post by your husband!! A person really can't be thankful enough for a happy marriage. Congratualations on your 100th post. I just discovered your blog through Lola B's. Will be visiting again.

Jill said...

Hi Martha! So glad I found you...what a lovely post by your hubby. I am so glad we got to spend some time together at Kasey's. What a great giveaway.

Cheers! Jill

Anonymous said...

Hi! What a nice hottie hubby you have! And a beautiful blog! I'm a follower with no blog (yet) popping over from your comment on Humble Pie's blog. I'd love to win my first blog drawing!

(I'll send my email if I win)

Tracey said...

So he's a hottie and he's madly in love with you, and he says wonderful and fabulous things about you...hmmm, I do believe he's a keeper!! You two are so stinkin cute!!!

Congrats on your 100th Martha!!!!!!

I'll mention your giveaway on my post tomorrow morning!

:) T

mimi charmante said...

After spending the weekend with you, I can honestly believe that he loves you as much as he does - you truly are one of those inspiring women that I wish lived SO. MUCH. CLOSER. as you would be such a fabulous girlfriend!!! But seriously - what girl wouldn't want a husband who writes things like that about them??? If only...
Congratulations to both of you - you are obviously both very lucky people.

christina @ sage creek said...

oh martha....
that was such an amazingly sweet post. you are so cute and so sweet and as soon as i met you last week, i felt this sudden urge to just hug you (i hope that isn't too weird). who doesn't love to hear a wonderful love story... i'm just so so very happy that you found yours.

big hugs-

Mark said...
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Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

First of all... you aren't the only one wiping tears from your eyes... that was just the sweetest tribute to a wife EV-UH, honey girlfriend.

Second... I love all three of the places of origin for the giveaway, so I would be delighted to be entered!! (and I am already an avid follower)





Flower Patch Farmgirl said...

I never tire of reading swoony love stuff. :) I'm so thankful for my amazing man and it looks like you got one, too! :) Congrats on you 100th post. Your blog is super fun!

Pam said...

Congrats on your 100th post, your terrific husband and family, and the blessings of friends! Thank you for the chance to win-I am definitely now a follower, and look forward to future posts.

koralee said...

What an exciting giveaway...hope I made it in time...only 9pm BC time. Oh dear I may be late...must hurry and yes I am a follower. You have the best husband ever!