December 19, 2011


I probably have lost most of you by now...

Last night I actually did a quick blog visit looking for something on my blog
I wanted to find
and then I also found a post that i did 2 years ago this month of a video
when my youngest was 1 1/2
and I cried

that age is so sweet and I just miss it
even though I love the ages both of my girls are at right now too
it was just a reminder of how time just flies by
often before you want it to

I really miss posting on my blog
yes, I've said this before
but I really realized it more than ever last night

I miss reading my friend's blogs
I miss the connections I made with all of you
I miss many of things

but I just had to take a break from writing
I just needed to live life for my family

some things are hard to say...

this past year has been wonderful for so many of things
but it also has been an extremely difficult year for my family too
that's hard to say

not just my immediate family
but also in my extended family
 and if I would have written
it would have been painful for me

that's why I stepped away
and of course because lack of time as well
I've really been off the wall busy with my family, kiddos, my business, etc.
I just couldn't make my blog a priority
 I chose to focus on other things
and I am happy with that decision

I wanted to look at my life and still appreciate the wonderful blessings
that I have no matter what
because I have so many blessings
that I'm just so thankful for

I want to get back on track with sharing...

so as most of you know
Christmas is in my top 3 holidays of the year
the giving and celebrating family/friends is my favorite part of the year
and it also means that I have guaranteed time that my hubby is in town too:)

we have already had some wonderful christmas celebrations
a couple of weekends ago with my in-laws
this past weekend was Christmas with our friends
and i made pumpkin candied cranberry tarts
yes, I made tarts for the very first time
I loved it!
and I'm still pretty darn excited about it
although, it took me forever
I may just be going through a tart phase now
they are just so cute and pretty

obviously, I'm sidetracked with my tarts now
which I do plan on sharing the recipe because I loved it

both of the celebrations were wonderful

Christmas is one of my favorite holidays
it has been that way since I was a child
my sister and I always, always loved it

Miracle on 34th Street
and we would watch it almost on a daily basis
yes, I've talked about that movie a lot on this blog in the past
my sis and i would watch it so much when we were younger
that I think my parents had to buy us 2 vhs tapes:)
we would literally wear this movie out:)
yes, "I believe"
and that only makes sense if you have watched the movie

as I was going through my blog last night
I was reminded of my favorite quote in my very favorite Christmas movie
Miracle on 34th Street
I thought I would share it once again

 I took some Christmas photos of the girls yesterday afternoon
it was a blast
we had lots of fun
silly faces
dance moves to celebrate at the end of our little session
we all celebrated
the girls were great
actually fabulous
and wonderful
{that's because they were bribed with freezy ice pops}
we don't know how to get through a photo session without bribing in our family
just so you know...I am not above bribing to get photos :)

i almost put this picture on my virtual christmas card just to be reminded of all the silly things the girls and I do together

hopefully you will love this quote as much as I do
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

"Someday you are going to find that your way of facing this realistic world just doesn't work, and when you do, don't overlook those lovely intangibles. You'll discover those are the only things that are worthwhile."

and I found that quote true so much of this past year
hold on to those intangibles

Thank you everyone for your patience
and thank you to my fabulous friends that over the past couple of months kept asking me when I was coming back with my blog
it was just nice to hear your sweet words to me
it didn't go unnoticed

Happy Holidays!!!

"Whatever is good,
whatever brings you joy...
May it be yours during
this magical season and the
throughout the coming year."


Shannon said...

I was just thinking about you the other day and wondering if you were okay! So glad you are back and I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas and that the new year brings a fresh and happier year to you and yours!

Tish said...

Ahh...we didn't go anywhere dear Martha :) xoxo for the post and kudos for Miracle on 34th...One of my favorites, too :)

Mrs. Dunbar said...

Hooray! Glad you're back. I know how blogging can get in the way of real life and I'm glad you put your priorities straight.

Merry Christmas. I love Miracle on 34th Street. It's my fave too.

Addie said...

Merry Christmas Martha! The girls look beautiful & I am glad that you will all have some time together for the holidays!

Anonymous said...

Hello darling, it has been a while...i have been so bad about visiting and I am glad that you took a much needed break and you are back to share! your girls are getting so big, wow and so pretty! hope you are well! xo, T

ketiebrown said...

Wow the girls look gorgeous and wonderful. I like both all photos. As well as All photos in different style. Its looks too good.

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