September 8, 2009

Wedding Highlights...

The wedding we went to was a beautiful wedding...of course the bride and groom just made it fantastic...but we enjoyed it!

Here are some pictures of seems like I couldn't get one of the bride and groom together without it being blurry...but still thought this picture was neat...(I tried to get more but literally everyone I took someone would step in the way unknowingly and at the reception they were all too dark)
The ceremony was beautiful...we ended up being a bit late and had to sneak in because we got lost...but we weren't the only ones thank goodness...of course I had a few tears and had to hold back most tears...happy always are happy cry times...I just LOVE them!
Flowers were beautiful...I thought the bright colors transitioned from summer to fall so beautifully...(like I am wedding expert or something...absolutely not...but I loved the colors...she did black and white and then with the flowers...they accented everything wonderfully...I thought:)!)
The reception was just as pretty too....(it was neat to see the same caterer that did our wedding because it was a friend of the family needless to say the food was terrific).
However...I don't have a wedding cake to report on...sorry guys....but did you notice her gorgeous dress on her? It was so fun to see the bride who I played soccer with and her parents...and in between the wedding and reception we had just enough time to stop by at a place downtown to watch the Mizzou game where I spent some time with a friend I ran cross country with and her parents and another girl I knew from high school. So great to catch up all of them!

We parked our car where we watched the Mizzou game in between there and the we were walking we ended up thinking we were getting lost...we were laughing so hard about it because there was some time in between the wedding and reception that we couldn't believe we were going to be late to the reception...we turned the corner and there we were...we weren't late to the reception...just laughing about something one of the girls I shared...something funny which would be considered "TMI" if I shared to everyone...but all moms would understand:) for sure...Bobby caught the moment on camera...just think it is a fun picture...not too many times do you catch moments like this on camera...laughing so hard...
And as we signed in ~ a fabulous bird cage to put the cards...and we had someone snap a quick pic of us together too...Some other pictures of the room...the table centerpieces...sorry for some pictures turning out darker...
I snuck a picture of the mother-of-the-bride too...a family friend that we have stayed in touch with over the years...and of course I had to get a pictures with the gorgeous bride!!!!
A picture of the bride and groom during the toast...and the father daughter dance...
Hope your weekend was fabulous too.
Blessings to you!


Kasey said...

it looks beautiful.

Julie said...

love love love the pictures! you look gorgeous, as does the bride! that picture of you and bobby is so cute, too!

oh, and i love the picture of all you girls laughing! you can definitely tell all of you were having a good time!